Water Purification System

Sonicators: Hielscher

See the commitment through our line of lab pure water products. From concept to laboratory bench, Avidity systems meet all the demands of your research. From initial layout to annual consumable costs, maintenance and electrical consumption, Avidity tailors the most suitable and economical solutions for all of your requirements.

Key components to our line:

• Ease of use
• Producing only the volume of water required
• Clear quality parameters and care-free maintenance
• Low running cost


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+ Type III (Reverse Osmosis) Water

Puro™ Type 3


  • Up to 25, 45 or 85L/hr production rates
  • RO sanitization process
  • Low running costs
  • One easy to change pre-filter
  • Mount on bench, wall or on top of a reservoir
  • Intuitive, icon-based, interactive user interface with touchscreen
  • Integrated leak detector and boost pump
  • Choice of storage reservoirs: 30/60/100 liters
  • Variable permeate flowrates
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Puro™-I Type 3 – RO Water System with Flexible Dispenser


  • Unique twin pass RO technology <10μS/cm, typical <5μS/cm if feed condition is <2000μS/cm)
  • Auto RO sanitization
  • Interactive 7″ touch screen
  • Remote dispensing option for Type 3 water
  • Auto reservoir sanitization option
  • Fully integrated pretreatment module included
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Puro™ III-T – RO Water System with Integrated Tank


  • Space-saving footprint with integrated 35L reservoir
  • Make up rate 10 or 20L/hr with fast dispense
  • Intuitive, icon-based, interactive user interface with touchscreen
  • Visual alarms to alert users when system outside of set parameters, e.g. water quality
  • Wall or bench mounting
  • Quiet, internal boost pump and patented anti-vibration mountings
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Puro™-RD – RO Water System with Controlled Chemical Dosing


  • Removes 99.99% of contaminants from incoming feed water.
  • Scalable hourly water production rates of 50 liters (13 gal) to 200 liters (52 gal).
  • Compact, all-in-one energy efficient system.
  • Cassette technology allows for more RO membrane modules to be added.
  • Onboard 100-liter (26 gal) storage tank or external tank sized to meet facility demand.
  • Large, 254 mm (10 in.) high resolution touchscreen with icon-based user interface.
  • Password protected interface with settable levels of user access.
  • Localized, onboard system alarming and compatibility options available with building automation systems.
  • Consumable notification with onscreen user guides.
  • Durable polyurethane access doors make the system easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Locking casters provide ease of access and unit mobility.
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