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Flash purification System: Advion-Interchim

Maximum technology and Interchim entire, globally acknowledged know how has been incorporated into these purification systems. Choosing a puriFlash® system thus means ensuring to benefit from state-of-the-art technology with minimum space requirements, guaranteeing an optimization of your working time and increased safety for your samples.

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Flash purification model

puriFlash® XS 520 Plus

Small but mighty
300 ml/min @ max. 20 bar

puriFlash® 5.015-5X

Large-scale purification
825 ml/min @ max. 15 bar

puriFlash® 535-XL

Process – Kilo-Lab
400ml/min @ upto 35bar

puriFlash® 5.020

300 ml/min @ max. 20 bar

puriFlash® 5.050

Cross-over Flash /Prep
250 ml/min @ max. 50 bar