Water Purification System

See the commitment through our line of lab pure water products. From concept to laboratory bench, Avidity systems meet all the demands of your research. From initial layout to annual consumable costs, maintenance and electrical consumption, Avidity tailors the most suitable and economical solutions for all of your requirements.

Key components to our line:

• Ease of use
• Producing only the volume of water required
• Clear quality parameters and care-free maintenance
• Low running cost


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Alto™ Type 1 Water | Ultrapure Water Polisher


  • Fast dispense of ultrapure water – variable rate of up to 2 liters per minute
  • Option of integrated and remote dispensers (up to two)
  • Intuitive, icon-based, interactive user interface with touchscreen
  • Quick-change consumables with realistic costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Mount on bench, under bench or on the wall
  • Comprehensive monitoring of water quality including
    TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
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Alto™-i Type 1 | Ultrapure Water Purification System with Flexible Dispenser


  • Type 1 water up to 2 L/min
  • Specific cartridges for your critical applications
  • Data capture with printable option
  • Cartridge traceability with data tag
  • Interactive 7” touch screen
  • Continuous TOC monitoring
  • Low Endotoxin, RNase, DNase and Protease option available
  • Volumetric and drop by drop dispensing
  • Color coded dispensing stations with up to three flexible dispensing options
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Solo™ S UVTOC/ UVLED | Ultrapure Water Purification System with Reusable Cartridges


  • Type 1 water up to 10L / day
  • Reusable cartridges with AvRecycle™
  • (NFC) enables consumable identification
  • Solo™ S is delivered in plastic-free packaging
  • Mercury-free bacteria control LED UV technology
  • 5-inch TFT color screen
  • easySmart dispense button changes color to indicate system status
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