Industry product

Nabertherm has been developing and manufacturing industrial kilns and furnaces for a wide range of applications for over 70 years. Professional engineering in combination with in-house production allows for the planning and construction of customer-specific thermal processing systems, tailored to the customer’s application.

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Fiber optics/​glass Fernaces

Nabertherm offers a wide range of products for the production of glass and fiber optics. From cooling/stress relieving of glass, to curing coatings to tempering quartz glass, you will find the right furnace model for your process with us.

Forced convection chamber furnace

Tub furnace

Bogie hearth furnace

Foundry Fernaces

From electrically heated or gas-fired melting furnaces to dewaxing furnaces or core drying ovens to fully automatic quench and temper systems for aluminum or steel, we professionally cover the requirements of the foundry industry. Information on the furnaces for heat treatment can be found in Thermal Process Technology.

Tilting furnace

Bale-out furnace

Crucible furnace