Biological Research

Universal test strip: Milenia-Biotec

Milenia Biotec is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of point-of care lateral flow tests, a technology well known from pregnancy testing. The core products of the company are based on “universal test strips”, a concept allowing quick and simple developments and a simple production process.

Featured product

  • Milenia HybriDetect

HybriDetect is a ready-to-use, universal test strip (dipstick) based on lateral flow technology using gold particles. The dipstick can be used to develop qualitative or quantitative rapid test systems for a wide range of analytes such as antibodies, gene amplification products or proteins. The results can be interpreted qualitative or quantitative.

7 important reasons why you should use Milenia HybriDetect

  1. Multiple test development applications
  2. Speed for detect the sample
  3. High Sensitivity
  4. Cost effectiveness
  5. Point-of-need applications
  6. Frequently cited in the scientific literature
  7. Reliable quality, available at any time
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