Cap and Waste Management System: SCAT

Safety Caps block solvent vapours and keep your eluents clean. They protect your health, the environment and the quality of your analysis. The mixing ratio of your solvents stays stable, as there is no evaporation. THE original solution for the safe handling of solvents in HPLC – optimized and continually refined, over the last 20 years!

The flexible waste disposal system for HPLC workstations (SymLine® FLEX)

  • Simple, non-destructive installation
    Table or wall mounting possible
  • Do-It-Yourself modular system
    The system is designed for its suitability for your workplace. A minimum of components – many applications!
  • Can be flexibly integrated at any time
    You can react quickly to any changes in your laboratory – whether it concerns additional workplaces or a reinstallation at another place: the system can be made to fit!
  • Central collection point for solvent waste
    No obstruction due to containers standing in the working area. Liquids are safely collected, at one central point.
  • Anti-static and resistant to solvents
    Electrically conductive plastic ensures for secure grounding/earthing, to avoid danger of ignition.
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