Research equipment

Preparative Purification System: Advion-Interchim

Our puriFlash® range covers your needs completely, from preparative to ultra-preparative purification. Benefit from ultra-compact and reliable devices which are equipped with numerous systems, so you can purify your products with confidence.

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Flash purification model

puriFlash® 5.250

Small, but Limitless
250 ml/min @ max. 250 bar

puriFlash® 5.400

The Ultra-Purification
125 ml/min @ max. 400 bar

DAC Column

Dynamic axial compression columns (DAC) suited for such as laboratory-, pilot- and industrial-scale. They are automated self packing columns that allow for an easy, cost-effective refill of packing material that results in a column bed yielding superior durability and reproducibility.

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