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DNA & RNA Extraction kit: SwiftX™ Swabs

SwiftX™ Swabs is designed for rapid extraction of viral RNA and DNA from swabs, transport media and saliva. The procedure can be performed manually as well as in an automated fashion. SwiftX Swabs features a multifunctional formulation. It enables an efficient lysis of viral particles, stabilizes viral RNA and inactivates sample-inherent degrading mechanisms. It is non-inhibiting to a wide range of amplification chemistries, such as PCR as well as isothermal methods.

Product Overview

Simple procedure: 15min using only 1 pipette tip.
High throughput, >200 samples/hour.

Cost efficient extracts SARS-CoV-2 RNA from

  • Dry swabs (polyester, FLOQ, cotton swabs,…)
  • VTM swabs, VTM media
  •  Saliva

Kit content:
SwiftXTM Component E : Lysis + RNA Stabilization buffer
SwiftXTM Component C : inhibitor removal enzymes
SwiftXTM Component P : Lysis + inhibitor removal enzymes

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